Karol G leaves ‘Moon, Dios Mío’ on YouTube and Spotify


‘Ay, Dios Mío’, the new song by Karol G has achieved great success on the YouTube and Spotify platforms.

Karol G’s musical career continues to rise and as proof of this we have the fact that ‘Ay, Dios Mío’, his new song, has managed to position itself among the 20 most popular songs on Spotify globally, being the only Latin artist to appear in said list.

Similarly, it is known that in less than 3 months Karol G’s new song has exceeded 100 million streams on Spotify while the official video of ‘Ay Dios Mío’ on YouTube has exceeded 161 million visits and 1.8 million of likes.

Karol G talks about the success of her song
In an interview for the EFE site, Karol G pointed out the success that his new song has obtained on these streaming platforms as a tribute to his culture and to Spanish, as he assures that within his plans was to know how far he could go with his music.

In the same way, Karol G explained that it was not easy for her to choose which song to release, because she knew that ‘Tusa’, her previous single in collaboration with Nicki Minaj, was a resounding success all over the world, so she knew she had to face a very difficult challenge to overcome.

“We were all waiting to see what was coming and we had other important collaborations ready, but I decided it was time for‘ Oh my God ’. I wanted to know how far we could go and see the true reach of Karol G “, declared the Colombian singer.

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Finally, Anuel AA’s girlfriend said she was very surprised at the good commercial performance her song ‘Ay, Dios Mío’ has had in Switzerland, France, Japan, Portugal, Italy and other countries in the world where Spanish is not her native language. ; She also noted that she was proud to have achieved all of these achievements with a solo single.

“I am glad to have achieved it alone, without another artist, with the support of my work team, my producers, my people. It is being a very beautiful experience ”, concluded Karol G.


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