Karol G is criticized for her comments against racism


Karol G, known for hits like Tusa and collaborations alongside her boyfriend Anuel AA, decided to join the celebrities who have spoken out against racism after George Floyd’s death from police brutality.

The singer decided to post messages through her social networks to share her thoughts on Black Live Matter; However, it has been the target of criticism for its comments, we tell you what happened.

Through his Twitter account, Karol shared a couple of posts to talk about his stance on racism, the celeb believes that the world should not be divided into races or point out the color of people’s skin.

He also published the photo of a puppy that has black and white fur, Karol wanted to express a message of union among others, but users began to criticize her.

Some consider that it was insensitive, since it is not a division of races, but that the color of skin in society causes prejudice, discrimination and even death, so they believe that their publications do not go according to the fight that is taking place right now.

Karol has not responded to the attacks, users believe that he speaks from a privileged position, since being a celebrity enjoys certain benefits. Black Lives Matter has stayed on Twitter trends.


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