Karima (Koh Lanta, La Légende) deemed “aggressive” and “haughty”: her response to critics


Between Koh Lanta, Thailand (2016) and Koh Lanta, La Légende (2021), Karima has not lost her outspokenness and her honesty. Unfortunately, this failed her in her new adventure since she was eliminated first by the girls. They did not really appreciate his attitude, considered “haughty” and “aggressive” on social networks, during the council. Today, Karima responds to criticism and justifies herself on her behavior.


After only two weeks of broadcasting, Koh Lanta, The Legend is already marked by strong moments such as the abandonment of Freddy on medical decision, the sacrifice of Sam for Teheiura, the surprise return of Loïc, the hero of the Internet users, and the news rule for the eliminated. Right after the advice, outgoing candidates can choose between going to the Island of the Outcast to hope for a second chance or go home quietly. Well, the choice of Karima, Ugo and the last two eliminated, Cindy and Patrick, was quickly made.

“I was disappointed, but not upset”

They therefore meet all 4 on the famous island. Viewers are eager to discover the reunion between Karima and Cindy after their fallout during the first council. The tone rose between the two candidates because the participant in Moms & Famous had promised the young mother not to vote against her. Many Internet users did not appreciate Karima’s reaction to her elimination: they found her too “aggressive”, “haughty” and “bad”.

Yet Koh Lanta adventurer The Legend claims she was not upset at the time: “I was disappointed but not upset. I wondered why those who voted against me didn’t look up. to discover myself more. It hurt me. We are all different and we each have our own way of being and of expressing ourselves, “she explains in an interview with TV Mag.

“It doesn’t bother anyone most of the time”

Karima then reacts to the criticisms that she can receive: “I evolve in a professional environment where one expresses oneself in a frank and direct way. It does not bother anyone most of the time but some could consider that I was too dry. It’s a question of point of view, you have to accept the difference without seeing the negative. At no time in the camp have I had any language discrepancy or shown aggression. ”

In any case, the ex-candidate from Koh Lanta: Thailand (in 2016) does not fear a new beginning of the adventure: “It was a second chance that I wanted to seize. I wanted to give the best on my own, to go for it and savor the rest of my adventure. If I am to be led to leave, it will be with my head held high. “


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