Karen Fukuhara (The Boys) is openly critical of Trump!


Donald Trump takes dearly in the United States! The president did everything to keep the White House … And Karen Fukuhara is laughing at him!

Donald Trump therefore ended up giving up. While he has refused his defeat since November, the president admits, his term ends here … But Karen Fukuhara takes the opportunity to throw him a big tackle!

Because the president has made a lot of whims in recent months. He thus refused to admit defeat … Before showing up, recorded by the Washington Post, trying to rig the election.

He indeed tried to put pressure on senior officials. The goal: to have more than 11,000 votes out of nowhere… A huge scandal that Americans cannot forgive. Including Karen Fukuhara.

The actress, known for her roles in The Boys and Suicid Squads, seems very upbeat. It must also be said that Trump has often received criticism for his lack of fairness.

The Black Lives Matter demonstrations have thus given voice to a lot of minorities … Karen Fukuhara, of Japanese origin, therefore relishes the defeat of the future ex-president. So she shares a meme on Insta.


We thus discover a story in three parts. A story that seeks to show the rights, which seem very diverse according to the color of skin, the origin or the affiliation.

A colored man swings like this: “I can’t let loose. Yet a maniac would be allowed to do so “… When this man and Karen Fukuhara talk about a maniac, they think of Donald Trump that way …

But he has “the luxury of the white man.” That of being able to get out of its hinges. Without risking anything. “I’m putting that there,” the actress also adds. She thus wishes to show the differences in treatment in the United States.

This tackle for Trump comes in the aftermath of his fans’ invasion of the Capitol … A violent and dangerous invasion, criticized by Karen Fukuhara. Because other minorities would have had more fierce opposition.


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