Kardashian’s Boss on whether Kim Kardashian ever tried to convince boyfriend Pete Davidson to take part in the show


Kardashian fans saw quite a bit during the first season of the streaming show. Among the things covered were Kim Kardashian’s concert on SNL, Khloe Kardashian’s paternity scandal with Tristan Thompson and Kendall Jenner’s cucumber gate. However, what they didn’t see was a significant amount of Kim’s boyfriend, Pete Davidson. The comedian was widely mentioned in several parts, but did not actually appear, except for a small “cameo” in the scene after the credits of the season. Now, after the season finale, the showrunner tells if Kim ever tried to convince her beau to stand in front of the camera.

Danielle King, who also appears as an EP in the reality show, is more than aware of fans’ desire to see more of Pete Davidson in The Kardashians. Earlier, she explained that she was surprised by the passionate reaction of the public to his absence at the beginning of the zero widely advertised relationship. King confirmed that she has never seen Kim Kardashian ever try to lure her beau to the show. She also explained how the show copes with the presence of significant others:

The show is about our main cast, about this family, so if there are other important people, it really depends on them. I’ve never seen it; Kim has never tried to persuade Pete to take part in the show. It always depends on the significant other or minor person they are dealing with. If they want to join in the fun, they need more power; we’re happy to talk about it.

It should be remembered that, although the famous titled family signed up to document their lives for public inspection, the people they bring into their orbits did not do so. So it is quite logical that the founder of SKIMS did not want to force her man to appear. There’s also a unique aspect of the Saturday Night Live show graduate that sets him apart from the starlet’s past friends. As Danielle King explained when appearing with Kris Jenner on the Deadline Crew Call podcast, he’s an actor, which means he has a different relationship with the camera:

Pete is a famous personality, he’s an actor; as Kim said before; when the cameras roll for him, it means performance time. When the cameras are working for this family, it’s time to become a reality. It’s another muscle they’ve been working on, and he’s been working on.

There is a big difference between playing a character and yourself on camera. Many will probably agree that Pete Davidson is masterful at the first, although he may not be ready to do the second in a reality show. At the same time, if Davidson ever appears in front of the camera, it will be his call, according to Danielle King:

Whether we’ll have detailed storylines is entirely up to him… it’s entirely a conversation between Kim and Pete.

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson seem to be very close at this moment, so much so that Davidson even spends time with his kids — without Kardashian around. They also go on vacation to the tropics, where the comedian demonstrates his “content passing boyfriend tests.” So there is definitely a lot of material that the series could cover regarding the couple, but we just have to wait and see if the actor ever decides to officially join the cast without any insistence from his high-ranking partner.

Season 1 of the Kardashians is available to stream in full using a Hulu subscription. If you’re looking for other shows to fill the void while you wait for season 2, check out CinemaBlend’s TV program for 2022 to check out some entertainment options.