KARD reveals his more challenging side in GUNSHOT’s


The KARD guys surprise their fans with the new clip of ‘GUNSHOT’, a track that is part of the album ‘Way With Words’.

KARD returns to the stage, after its 4 members over the course of 6 months were immersed in other music projects and television shows. The mixed group of the company DSP Media presented the MV for ‘GUNSHOT’ as part of their comeback.

BM, J.Seph, Somin and Jiwoo’s new record material is called ‘Way With Words’ and features three songs: ‘Ah ee yah’, ‘GUNSHOT’ and ‘Hold On’. The new tracks of the K-pop group express very well the concept and musical style that the boys want to convey to their fans.

Through the YouTube platform, KARD published the official MV for ‘GUNSHOT’, the clip lasts more than 3 minutes and the idols demonstrated their acting skills by telling a story where they fight against themselves.

The scenes for the video recordings were in dark interiors and the play of lights make the viewer live a great adventure with the singers and rappers. The band showed an energetic choreographic work and to make their performance more attractive they were accompanied by some dancers.

BM, J.Seph, Somin, and Jiwoo looked challenging with different changes of clothes, despite the fact that the style of the clip is somewhat mysterious, the artists looked radiant with looks in vibrant colors such as red, blue and yellow.

The title track of KARD’s single album was written by BM and J.Seph, the colleagues put all their creativity into the lyrics and the mixing of the music to make an unforgettable comeback.

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An excerpt from the track says:

Love, those damn four letters, you always try to sweeten it with love, selfish, I’ll never be enough for you, even when I give you all of myself. Endless war again, infinitely, you never miss a shot

‘GUNSHOT’ so far has more than 680 thousand reproductions, Internet users are leaving their love and with likes, in the comment box you can read thousands of messages from their followers, who express their first impressions of the MV of the new song of the interpreters of ‘Red Moon’.

Watch KARD’s ‘GUNSHOT’ video:


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