KARD is 3 years old since its debut. Do you already know its history?


The guys at KARD have come up with fresh ideas and sounds at every comeback, and today they celebrate one more year of their debut. The KARD boys celebrated their third anniversary .

KARD is one of the K-Pop groups that have managed to position themselves outside Asia, their talent, charisma and the musical offer that they presented since before their debut, allowed them to conquer fans from different parts of the world.

Today the group celebrates 3 years from the day of their official debut, but the KARD story began before reaching that point. Read on and learn the story of this talented and unconventional group.

KARD debuted on July 19, 2017 under the company DSP Media , being one of the few groups in K-Pop that brings together male and female members within the same team.

DSP Media unveiled BM, Jiwoo, J.Seph and Somin as the four members who would debut within their new group, each representing one card in a deck, thus identifying as King, Ace, Black Joker and Color. Joker.

However, although their official debut occurred in 2017, they began to carry out musical projects from before, presenting a new form of promotions that was extremely effective, mainly to reach international audiences.

In late 2016, they released Oh Nana’s single and music video , which featured a guest artist for one of the covers of this song. Followed by this single, they continued with the release of Don’t Recall and Rumor , the latter released in April 2017.

The response to the releases made by KARD was highly positive, causing great surprise and curiosity due to the musical and visual quality they presented even before they had their official debut , which led them to make their first tour visiting different countries of the continent American.

With such favorable results, KARD prepared for their Korean debut and the release of their first album under the name Hello Hello and a promotional single of the same title, this material would also include the singles previously released by the group.


Currently KARD has released four mini albums, the most recent being RED MOON itself which was revealed in February 2020.

Throughout career, KARD has distinguished itself by presenting melodies capable of engaging the public, experimenting with different ideas and sounds in each comeback, but creating an own sound that identifies them.

In addition, the connection between the members allows creating excellent teamwork that is rarely seen in co-ed groups . That’s why KARD fans are celebrating one more year of the debut of these idols hoping that the future has more opportunities in store for them and letting them know that the Hidden KARD fandom will always show their support for them.

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