Kara Del Toro shines under the sun in her last post


Kara Del Toro shared a photo of melting hearts on her social media account. She shared the post with 1.5 million followers on her Instagram account and soon received thousands of likes.

In the photo, the model stood by a roadside by the ocean outdoors. We have to admit that the glamor of the model makes it difficult to notice the view.

In the first photo, Kara lifted her natural looking blonde hair with her left hand while looking to her left. She posed similarly in the second photo, but this time she looked directly at the camera as she shared a wide smile while sticking out her tongue.


She did some makeup on the photo, including black, lipstick and some blush. Also, it was difficult to notice any eye makeup of beauty while hiding her eyes behind square sunglasses.

The model paired the top with a pair of beige tracksuits that accentuated their curvy hips. Kara finished her sporty look with a few accessories, including earrings and necklaces.

Kara did not add a geotag in the photo, but it appeared in a warm place. By the way, in the title of the article, she announced that the sunglasses are vintage Chanel.

She was greeted with great support from her land fans and soon gained more than 18,000 likes in the first 30 minutes after sharing. More than 200 followers went to the comments section to overload her beauty with praises about her physique, appearance and outfit.


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