Kanye West’s Infamous Slogan “White Lives Matter” Is Worth $1 Billion


The phrase “White lives matter” is synonymous with hate speech. That’s why since Kanye West held a “secret catwalk”, when several models sported “White Lives Matter” T-shirts, the rapper’s affairs have only worsened. The phrase originated as a direct racist counteraction to the moment of Black Lives Matter, which attracted the attention of the masses after the tragic death of George Floyd.

After the scandalous “White Lives Matter” T-shirt, the rapper openly became an anti-Semite and racist, which led to his ban on social networks. Salt is added to the fresh wound by old videos in which Ye claims that slavery was a hoax. But did you know that two black radio hosts talking about racial justice used the slogan “White lives matter“?

Who are the real owners of the White Lives Matter trademark?

Long before Ye printed the slogan on T-shirts, which then went to orphanages and orphanages all over Los Angeles, Kanye West planned to sell them. Unsurprisingly, people didn’t praise him for what he did, and he abandoned this business plan just like GAP and Adidas abandoned it. You actually acquired the trademark from Rames Ja and Quinton Ward. The duo hosts a radio show called Civic Cipher, which talks about improving the lives of the black community.

Ja and Ward started a radio show after being told at their previous workplace that they didn’t want a “black show.” Therefore, when they started themselves, the listener gave them the trademark “White Lives Matter”.

And they used it to draw attention to the difficulties faced by black communities, and did not plan to sell it. However, when he was called to indicate the price, Rams Jha jokingly called a huge figure, not really believing that someone would pay the price. But Kanye West could.

How much did Kanye West buy the “White Lives Matter” logo for?

Ye acquired the logo by paying a whopping $1 billion. The original owners sought to serve only those representatives of the black and brown communities who needed help with the money they received. Therefore, when Ye offered a ridiculous price for a trademark, despite the fact that he did not seek to sell it, the presenters weighed the number of people they could help with money, not harm, and decided to sell it.

During an interview with Deborah D. Douglas, Ward and Ja talked about people’s biased attitude towards them when they were selling a trademark. However, according to them, the phrase “White lives matter” was for them just a way to attract more people to the discussion of “Black lives matter.”

Did you know that the White Lives Matter trademark is worth 1 billion? Let us know in the comments below.


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