Kanye West’s candidacy is supported by Kim Kardashian


Kanye West shared a photo of his “Yeezy Shelters” in the construction process, along with the slogan for his presidential campaign, “2020 Vision”.

Kanye West may have solved the first issue he will address as president: homelessness! After dropping a bomb on everyone he decided to officially join in the 2020 presidential race , Kanye updated his “Yeezy Shelter” project. He went to Twitter to show the progress of his dome houses, which he initially set out to build in an effort to provide housing for the needy and create an “egalitarian community” before the first prototypes were destroyed because he had never purchased one. suitable property. However, it appears that the construction of these dome-shaped shelters, inspired by the architecture of Tatooine’s Stars Wars planet, is back in action.

Kanye had previously built prototypes for a dome-shaped housing development in Calabasas, which he believes will break the barriers that separate economic classes. Kanye has worked with a group of designers and architects to build a system with ecological solutions, including a closed circuit for capturing energy and water.

“YZY SHLTRS in process #2020VISION”, wrote Ye. From what we know so far, #2020VISION appears to be the official slogan for Kanye’s presidential campaign. He included the hashtag in his ad today, in which he also stated: “Now we must fulfill America’s promise by trusting God, unifying our vision and building our future. I’m running for president of the United States! ”

Kanye was endorsed by his wife, Kim Kardashian, and his friend, Elon Musk, shortly after he publicly broke the news of his intention to run for president. However, many others are less excited about what their last-minute candidacy could mean for the election.

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Experts said it will be difficult for the rapper to win the presidential race, as several states have already closed registration for presidential candidates and so far the rapper’s name does not appear as a candidate.


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