Kanye West’s 9-Year-Old Daughter, North West, Wins TikTok With Fits of Laughter


Kim Kardashian may already be preparing her eldest daughter North to become a new generation TV presenter, and the 9-year-old girl is preparing quickly. From the very beginning, engaged in fashionable styling, hairstyle training and even skin care, her unique and witty ways of creating videos in TikTok can even lead to the fact that North competes in popularity with her mother. And while Kanye West may not be staying with her anymore, the rapper should also be proud of his little shining star.


In particular, it’s an addition to the many fun video blogs that Northwest has created over time. She once again posted a tutorial video on hairstyles with some really playful looks that made fans split. However, before we tell you all about it, we must inform you so that you do not treat the baby lightly. She already knows her fashion statement and even outshines her mother by adding something bright to the hot shades. Now, without further ado, let’s introduce you to her latest blog about hairstyles:

North West shot a rather long video in which she has fun doing her hair.

The nine-year-old girl continued to amuse her fans with a series of silly looks, showing them exactly how to style their hair. The video showed North’s gorgeous braided hair. She looked straight into the camera and lip-synced, “It’s really not that bad.” Then the voiceover added: “It just needs a little… shape. To the salon!”

Well, braiding pigtails on such long and curly hair is certainly a hellish task. But at a very young age, she did it with such enthusiasm and fun that no one even blinked an eye watching her swing. Perhaps it’s natural for her.

In another TikTok video, she flawlessly talked about her skin care. Well, we have to say; Norty is light years ahead of all of us in careful skin care, despite the fact that she is still quite young and still far from wrinkles. And judging by what we can predict, she will soon rule the world of influencers thanks to her innate talent.

Do you find the little version of Kanye West immaculately charming and cute? Let us know in the comments below.


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