Kanye West Watched John Hill’s Film and Said It Helped Him “Fall in Love With The Jewish People Again”


A few months ago, Kanye West found himself at the center of a number of controversies. The main one among them was the period of time during which the artist shared anti-Semitic sentiments. Since then, West seems to have doubled down on his feelings—amid a flurry of retaliatory blows that cost him several business deals. However, a new message from the star seems to suggest that he has changed his tune when it comes to his feelings for people of the Jewish faith. West claims to have watched one of John Hill’s films and says it “helped him fall in love with Jews again.”

When she doesn’t scold Kim Kardashian’s ex-wife on social media because their daughter uses TikTok, and doesn’t declare a “civil war” on stars like Pete Davidson, she sometimes writes about movies. The star’s thoughts about these films are usually brief but straightforward, and sometimes he reveals the grandiose way he watches them. Although the last detail was not in the recent Instagram post of the 45-year-old Grammy winner, in which he said that he watched the 2012 comedy about buddies 21 Jump Street. Discussing this, he singled out co-host John Hill (a Jew) for the obvious change in his views on Judaism:

When I saw John Hill at 21 Jump Street, I became a Jew again… No one should be angry at one or two people and turn it into hatred for millions of innocent people… No Christian can be called an anti—Semite, knowing that Jesus is a Jew. Thank you, Jonah Hill. I love you

To be honest, it’s hard to tell if the businessman is serious or satirical, and fans in the comments section responded with a wide range of messages. Some seem to be poking fun at the musician, while others wonder if this could be a kind of “redemption arc” for the 45-year-old star. It is unknown if such an idea can actually come true, but more importantly, the rapper is still stewing in the consequences caused by his initial comments.

Kanye West spread anti-Semitic messages on social media before strengthening his ability to express them during an appearance on the Drink Champs podcast. On the show , he stated: “I can say anti-Semitic things, and Adidas can’t leave me. What now?” Shortly after, the German sportswear brand rejected West, saying that his “comments and actions were unacceptable, hateful and dangerous, and they violate the company’s values such as diversity and inclusivity, mutual respect and justice.” (The company has since stuck to its decision, although it has reportedly lost more than a billion dollars due to the move.) Other brands, including Vogue and Balenciaga, have also severed ties with West.

As a result of the fact that his enterprises were dissolved, Ye lost his billionaire status, and, talking about his financial situation, he said that he was “beaten to a pulp.” Around the same time, he responded directly to his comments and reasoned that the negative reaction actually “confirms what I said.” In his opinion, many performers are “bullied” for their beliefs, and he added that Hollywood “will try to drown you out at any cost” if your opinion does not coincide with the opinion of the general public.

There are a lot of Tinseltown residents who are fans of 21 Jump Street, so it seems like this is at least one of the ways Kanye West’s views align with the generally accepted idea. Nevertheless, it is more than fair to assume that this obvious epiphany of the Jewish people associated with John Hill will not immediately return him to the public’s favor. If there is any legitimate truth in West’s latest message, we just need to see if his actions will turn out to be as loud as his words in the future.


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