Kanye West Was Included in The List of The Most Influential People Due to The Fact That He Has Staunch Supporters, Despite The Differences


While this year belonged to controversial celebrities, Kanye West probably became the biggest controversial celebrity this year. Mostly for everything wrong. The singer has always been known for adhering to freedom of speech and openly expressing his opinion. For a long time, everyone, including his partner companies, turned a blind eye to this.

But this year, along with his divorce, anti-Semitic rhetoric and comments about black historical figures, he caused a negative reaction in real time. Most of the people began to distance themselves from him. While his decline is only accelerating, there are still people who steadfastly support him.

How Kanye West’s fans still support and believe in him

Kanye West appears in the news every week because of new controversies. Despite this, his devoted fans started using the hashtag “He did the prom” on Twitter. It was the third album of his musical career. According to BusinessInsider, there are staunch supporters who continue to try to present his story in a positive light and believe in him, no matter what he says. At first, E started with the comment “Deathcon 3 for the Jewish people”. Instead of apologizing, he doubled down on his words, saying that Jews are trying to control the industry. Among the famous personalities he named were Mark Zuckerberg and Harley Pasternak.

After Balenciaga, Adidas and GAP broke off relations with him because of his statements, his condition significantly decreased. But instead of it stopping him, he kept going to interviews. Eventually, he began to publicly admire Hitler, even praising him for his ability to successfully lead the Nazi group. But those who support ask why the artist is not allowed to use his freedom of speech and whether the Jewish community is immune from any criticism.

Meanwhile, his Reddit r/Kanye Reddit fan club eventually turned into a Holocaust discussion center after Ye’s interview with Alex Jones. There was a bloodbath on the site to avoid further spreading his hateful message. But on the other hand, thousands of accounts still support it. Do you think he was the biggest polarizing celebrity this year? Comment on your thoughts.


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