Kanye West walks in Belgium in incognito mode!


Kanye West seems to have abandoned Kim Kardashian. The rapper is currently in Belgium for business. Kanye West is a far cry from Kim Kardashian right now. The rapper has put his bags in Belgium for business and also seems to be making a few visits.

Nothing is going well between Kanye West and Kim Kardashian. A few months ago, the rapper registered for the US election. He lost his temper during a meeting and shared very intimate details about his wife to the world.

The rapper opened up about the abortion and Kim K’s first pregnancy. The reality TV star felt betrayed and clashed with her husband. For his part, Kanye was having another seizure and hinted that his wife wanted to intern him.

Kim Kardashian has tried to save her marriage to Kanye West several times. However, everything seems to have ended well between them. “’They live separate lives very well,” a source told People on December 14.

For the moment, the businesswoman wants to spare her children and is not signing the divorce papers. Nevertheless, she is far from him, since Kanye is in Belgium.


As New Years Eve approaches, Kanye West finds himself far away from Los Angeles and his family. According to the media DHnet, would have put his suitcases in Antwerp in Belgium last Friday. The rapper would try to go incognito in the streets of the city.

So what is the rapper doing in Belgium? According to the same source, he is working with designer Matthew M. Williams for the next pair of Nike. Kanye is collaborating with the brand for the next Nike MMW Zoom 4.

In addition to working, Kanye West takes advantage of being in Belgium to visit. So he would have eaten at the Veranda restaurant and stood out somewhat. “Kanye tested negative for Covid but positive at the Veranda dinner,” the restaurant manager said on social media.

At the moment, no one knows if Kim Kardashian’s husband will be back home for Christmas. Still, we can imagine he will be there for his children on December 25.


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