Kanye West took a surprise trip to Haiti


Kanye West is in Haiti, and while it’s still unclear why the rapper traveled there, a lot of people have been tweeting that he’s there to build a city.

Kanye West made a surprise visit to Haiti just a week after he was seen in Jamaica. Haitian President Jovenel Moise confirmed the news when he shared some photos of the meeting and the greeting via Twitter.

Kanye West and the Haitian president can be seen wearing face masks in the social media post. The rapper wore a hoodie, dark pants, and his signature sneakers.

The reason for Kanye West’s visit to Haiti is still unclear as the Grammy-winning artist has not posted any details on his Twitter account, however many people from Haiti have been tweeting that the artist is apparently there to build. a city.

According to the publication Voice of America, the 43-year-old hip-hop entrepreneur landed at the international airport in Cap Haitien on Friday morning and was received by the president. President Moise accompanied West on a visit to two picturesque islands, namely Labadee Island and Ile de la Tortue (Tortuga Island).

Kanye West makes viral a video dancing in Haiti

A video of Kanye West dancing with the locals is also circulating on the internet. The ‘College Dropout’ hitmaker seemed to be in a good mood as he tried to match his steps with those of the locals while dancing.

As soon as the news of Kanye West’s visit to Haiti, rumors that he was building a city there also spread on the Internet. Taking into account his visit, social media users broke into Twitter to express their opinions.

One user said: “So Kanye: endless rants. He tried to run for president of the country. He wants to get so bad from Jordan. Demand seats on company boards of directors. He wants all artists to get their masters back. He only returned 50% to the artist. Trying to build a city in Haiti ”.

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Another said: “Kanye wants to build a city in Haiti. N * gga help Chicago build things for its youth first, please. ”

One person said, “So Kanye going to Haiti was just an excuse to talk about the Clintons and raise a family and you with Haitian children? Nobody cares and Joe is going to WIN! ”

Another added: “Kanye said he was building a city in Haiti. He better not be playing because the Zoes don’t play their country. They are not joking about Haiti and using their country to get likes, ”one tweeted:“ Kanye West with the Haitian president that the United States imposed on Haiti and there is electricity for the residents of Cap Haiten. KW is leaving and goodbye electricity ”.

According to the Daily Mail, the Haitian Ministry of Tourism said the multi-award-winning artist was traveling to visit a breeding center in the northwest that was being inaugurated by the president. Tennis star Naomi Osaka was also seen at the airport chatting with Kanye West.

Kanye West has been traveling a lot lately. Earlier, Haiti, the rapper was spotted in Jamaica where he was spotted without a face mask with reggae music star Buju Banton and caused quite a stir on social media. Do you think Kanye really plans to invest his money in the Caribbean country?


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