Kanye West SurprisinglyTrails Hip-Hop Icons Drake and Eminem in This Vital Category


Kanye West can be considered a musical genius, but the competition for the top is still tough. While the celebrity is currently busy debriefing every week, the artist’s last released album was Donda 2 in February of this year. The rapper has seen the growth and development of streaming along with his career.

Hip-hop artists, especially of the 90s, have come a long way from selling CDs to thriving in the world of social networks. Today we have the likes of Snoop Dogg, Eminem and Drake versus Doja Cat, Lil Pump and Travis Scott, but how is the mix of new and classic rap rated in the modern world? Here’s a look.

The rappers who beat Kanye West and topped the list of “most listened to”

The rap world continues to evolve with changes in technology and trends. But the results showed that rappers are still at the top in the long run, and newcomers are quickly climbing up. A list posted by RapTV on Twitter showed a list of the top five best rappers. Although Kanye West still remains in the top five, he was humiliated by three other rap rivals who eclipsed him, putting him in fourth position. In total, the rapper has 26 billion auditions.


/West’s rival Drake is in first place with 53 billion auditions. This should add a twist, given that the Hotline Bling singer regularly disses Ye in his music. In second place after him is the Puerto Rican singer Bad Bunny with 48 billion subscribers. His Me Porto Bonito became a hit that spread like wildfire. His talent serves as an example of the fact that music does not require knowledge of the language; vibrations and beats are enough.

Eminem, on the other hand, started his career in the 90s and still remains a celebrity. With 32 billion auditions, he manages to win hearts years after his heyday. Others on the list were newcomers, Doja Cat and DaBaby.

What do you think about the results of the stream and the position of Ye on it? Write your thoughts in the comments.


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