Kanye West soon back with an opera: he says more!


Kanye West is going from surprise to surprise lately. A conversion to Christianity, a gospel album and a presentation to the US presidency do not seem to be enough. He now announces an opera.

2019 will remain for Kanye West that of redemption. Converted to Christianity, it took a turn that was not expected. One of the greatest rappers of the last years now refers to this style as the “devil’s music”. A belief that is felt in his music. His latest album, Jesus is King is even strongly influenced by gospel. A paying choice because it cartonne more than ever. But that’s not all !

His last madness in date takes place in the political field. While the US will elect a new president in just under a year. Kanye West therefore declared himself a candidate for this position. A news that has been emulated. His counterpart, rapper Akon, also ran for the presidency. After these adventures, Kanye West does not want to forget the music. But from a different angle.

And Kanye West thought an opera in keeping with his new belief. It will feature a “biblical story from the book of Daniel, the Babylonian king who passes from a wicked, imperious and self-declared ruler to a true believer who finds salvation in his faith.”

“West has conceived this opera as an expression of his attachment to both his faith and his expanding musical palette. Nebuchadnezzar brings together elements from different worlds, including opera, fine arts, modern dance and gospel, to create an innovative performance structure. The sound of West is the bridge between these forms of art. can we read in the official announcement.

An ad that will delight his fans. And which is therefore in line with his new album.


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