Kanye West signs the Brandon Ingram’s Shoes


As we know, Kanye West is a big fan of Basketball. Thus, Kim Kardashian’s husband signed the pair of shoes by Brandon Ingram.

Kanye West has two things in life, Basketball and sneakers. The one who shares the life of Kim Kardashian joined his hobbies by signing the pair of Brandon Ingram .

Kanye West has never hidden it, he loves Basketball. In fact, it is not uncommon to see the singer wearing one of his jerseys. Recently, he found himself at the New Orleans Pelicans game . Well, we grant it, it works better in English. Besides, Kanye made a nice gift to one of the players.

On the pictures, we see Kanye West signing the pair of Brandon Ingram . High class ! It was therefore ” hiphoppeople_officel ” who shared the photos. ” He also signed a pair of shoes for the New Orleans Pelicans . ” Nice from Kim Kardashian’s husband !

One thing tickled the alert eye of the public. Kim Kardashian is not pictured. However, at the match, she was there. Could the young woman have taken the wind that her husband gave her badly ? That seems possible… The star is perhaps very susceptible! Anyway, we know Kanye West, he would never have done it on purpose to hurt his partner. We forgive him!

In any case, Kanye West seems very happy. In one of the photos, he even displays a big smile. It must be said that shoes speak to him. Besides, the singer has just launched a brand new model of basketball s. On sale since February 16, the model therefore costs 250 dollars. However, it is only available in Chicago. In fact, to acquire them, you will have to spend a lot more money. At your wallets!


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