Kanye West shows the ballot with his name on it.


Kanye West announced in the summer that he is running for the presidential election. He conducted the campaign quite … specifically. In many states, he missed the registration deadline. His friends did not disappoint him. Kanye West showed on twitter a picture of the ballot paper with his name on it.

For years, it was said that Kanye West was going to run for the presidential election. After all, the rapper officially announced his candidacy in the summer. Although he had been talking about it for years, he ended up a little late. The rapper missed his registration time in several states. Besides, his entire campaign was quite strange.

After all, Kanye West has a few allies. Friends wrote it on the ballot papers!

Kanye West was written on the ballot

It is important to surround yourself with real friends in life. These are the people who will write you on the ballot paper when you stand for election. Apparently, such people are around Kanye West.

The rapper announced that he is running in the presidential election. However, he missed registration deadlines and, as a result, is not on the ballot in many states. Kanye West’s friends have found a solution!

Kim Kardashian’s husband also published a photo of the ballot paper with his name written under the other candidates.

Kane West’s co-candidate Roque “Rocky” De La Fuente Guerra told TMZ that they were hoping for third place by vote. Do you think they will succeed?

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