Kanye West Returned to Twitter After The Account Was Blocked Due to Anti-Semitic Posts


Kanye West has returned to Twitter after his account was blocked after a series of anti-Semitic posts.

This morning (November 20), he posted a tweet to check if his account was working. “Testing Testing is checking whether my Twitter is unblocked,” he wrote.

This happened after West promised to go for a “dead scam 3 on JEWISH PEOPLE”, which he claims are connected to black people, before his Twitter and Instagram accounts were blocked.

The rapper has repeatedly denied that his comments were racist, including saying that he does not believe in the term “anti-Semitism” because he claims that it “does not correspond to reality.” However, he later apologized in an interview with Piers Morgan, saying: “I feel sorry for the people I offended with the death sentence… I feel like I’ve caused pain and confusion.”


After West’s comments, Musk also said he had spoken to the rapper about his behavior, tweeting: “I spoke to you today and expressed concern about his recent tweet, which I think he took to heart.”

Shortly after, Musk deleted a tweet hinting at a possible business collaboration with the rapper.

Meanwhile, earlier this week, Kano Computing, the company that developed a Stem Player that allows fans to listen to and tune songs from West’s “Donda” albums, broke off relations with the rapper after his anti-Semitic comments.

Klein, who is half Jewish, told The Los Angeles Times about his relationship with the embattled star. “[West] tried to call me a racist when I gently told him that attacking an entire race of people was not good for him or Stem,” he said.

“I asked Kanye not to follow the path he is following. We told him we couldn’t work together while he was pushing racial conspiracy theories. There is no deal.”

Kano’s move followed many other organizations and figures who worked with West. Adidas recently severed relations with the star, as did his lawyer and booking agency. And the Hollywood production company and financiers MRC announced that they would postpone the “recently completed” documentary about West.

Luxury fashion house Balenciaga also recently ended its relationship with West, while a Vogue spokesperson confirmed to Page Six last month that neither the magazine nor its editor-in-chief Anna Wintour plans to work with West in the future.

West’s return to Twitter came after Donald Trump yesterday (November 19) also returned to the social media platform after an online poll.


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