Kanye West, Reddit Moderator, Says The Page Has Turned Into a “Bloodbath”


The moderator of Kanye West’s subreddit said that the page turned into a “bloodbath” after the recent scandals around the rapper.

The “DONDA” artist has faced significant backlash over the past month or so after a series of anti-Semitic comments, wearing a “White Lives Matter” T-shirt and making false statements about the death of George Floyd.

Elsewhere, it was claimed that Ye praised “Hitler and the Nazis” during a TMZ interview in 2018 (the conversation is said to have been edited before it was published).

It was later reported that West paid compensation to a former employee who accused him of using anti-Semitic expressions in the workplace.

During a new Insider interview, the moderator of the r/Kanye page on Reddit, which currently has more than 700,000 members, talked about how recent events have affected the forum.

28-year-old Ian Slater became an honorary moderator due to the fact that in the late 2010s he was an active fan of E. The r/Kanye team discovered him thanks to Ethan Klein’s H3 podcast, where he is a full-time employee.

“The world as we know it no longer exists,” Slater explained of the Western subreddit, calling the artist’s diehard fans citizens “without a country.” He also said that disagreements with Ye led to the fact that he turned into a “Charli XCX guy”.

According to Slater, the discourse around West led to some users leaving r/Kanye. As for the remaining fans, he said, “They walk among this valley of ashes and fire with unseeing eyes.”

The Reddit page has largely condemned Ye’s anti-Semitism. “It seems that mainstream mods are very actively removing problematic [content],” explained Slater. However, malicious content is still being distributed on the forum.

“There’s a bloodbath here,” Slater added. “[Some] users are writing shit on the way to an early grave of ban.”

Other long—time subscribers with high “karma” — the Reddit points system – are also banned from r/Kanye. Slater said the page is currently in an “unstable” position, which highlights the opposing views of its subscribers.

As for his own position, Slater said he did not support West’s actions and said he was resigning as moderator.

Ye has been excluded from several of his major partnerships, including fashion deals with Adidas and Balenciaga, in light of his widely condemned anti-Semitic comments. Last week, Adidas announced that it intends to continue selling Yeezy products without the West trademark.


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