“Kanye West or Nothing” — vocalist Mo’Money Mo’ Problems Diddy announces his support for the multi-billionaire rapper


The brotherhood of Kanye West and Diddy is like nothing else. Ye is known for demonstrating his creativity as a musician, as well as a creative fashion designer. The Gold Digger singer has successfully collaborated with Adidas, creating one of the most popular Yeezy sneakers. Even the recent news about his quarrel with GAP over individual visions became a hot topic. Now he is going to open his own stores, counting on inexpensive glasses.

It is obvious that due to his outspoken nature, this man has both friends and enemies in the industry. Ye also went through a difficult divorce, which drew criticism for the way he handled the situation. Despite this, his wife and children supported his YZY glasses. Among them is fellow rapper Diddy, who continues to preach West’s business. In fact, he vowed not to wear Adidas after he had a falling out with the brand.

Diddy shows brotherly love by supporting Kanye West

You probably have loyal allies. Puff Jones, also known as Diddy, supported his buddy in a recently uploaded video to his account. In a video post on Twitter , he said: “I would never disrespect Kanye,” stating how the Flashing Lights vocalist helped him creatively. The singer also announced: “It’s Kanye or nothing,” adding that Ye inspires him by shouting, “I’m in my Yeezy.”

Ye shared this video in his Instagram story. The account, whose entire contents were destroyed, oddly enough, has a photo of his former mother-in-law, Kris Jenner, as an avatar.

Ye and Diddy’s friendship has its roots in the distant past. Despite the fact that both have strong personalities, the duo’s bromance has passed the test of time. Earlier, Ye also gave a speech at the Diddy’s BET Lifetime Achievement Award, praising a fellow musician for breaking down the doors of classicism, taste, culture and freebies. In an industry where relationships arise and break up very quickly, fans are pleased to see that these two are holding on tight.

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You can see the Last Night singer’s appearance in Kanye West’s Netflix documentary “jeen-yuhs”.


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