Kanye West Once Brought a Jesus Lookalike on Stage to Send a Message: “You can talk to Jesus”


Kanye West and his machinations, whether he likes them or not, are reaching a whole new level of uniqueness. And we’ve all read the manual about criticizing anyone who doesn’t meet the norm. But this is not Kanye West’s story. The rapper got into trouble for good reasons, such as calling Death con 3 against Jews and claiming that George Floyd wasn’t actually killed. However, before Ye was involved in history-changing controversies and national debates, he was on a completely different path.

Do you remember the dispute in 2019 that Ye had with ex-wife Kim Kardashian over her tight corset dress? It didn’t come out of nowhere. Kanye West is actually very religious. And contrary to popular belief, “Jesus is King” was not the first album in which he incorporated his religious beliefs into his craft. Before the album’s release and the Sunday service that followed, Ye used a different method to share the Christian message with his friends.

Before dedicating the album, Kanye West named a Jesus double on stage.

In 2013, Kanye West released his album Yeezus, which took first place in the charts, named after what the rapper calls his “God’s Name”. The rapper’s sixth studio album includes his hit “Jesus Walks”. The track itself is great as the chorus falls on Ye, asking God to show him the way as the devil tries to break him. West, performing “Jesus Walks,” literally took Jesus on stage for twenty steps. You invited a double of Jesus and even worshiped him.


This was not a one-time occurrence, the rapper followed this in most of his “Jesus Walks” performances. When asked about his reasons for bringing the God of Christianity onto the stage, the rapper said he had a “message” to convey to his fans, as reported by The Hollywood Reporter in 2013.

Ye said one pastor explained to him that one of the best things about Christianity is that we can represent it. “People are playing Jesus. Do you know what is amazing about Christianity? We are allowed to portray God.” said E. This, along with the fact that he wanted his fans to be able to say, “Jesus is my house boy,” is the reason Kanye West brought Jesus lookalikes to his performances.

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