Kanye West: Kim Kardashian’s husband approves TI virginity tests!


Kanye West does not have his tongue in his pocket and spoke about the controversy of TI on the virginity test inflicted on his daughter!

Kanye West couldn’t help fueling the controversy over the TI report and her older daughter. A debate that the rapper would have done better not to start! We explain to you.

So it’s in public that Kanye West showed his support for rapper TI. Indeed, during the celebration of the 1 year of his “Sunday Service” in Los Ageles at the Union Rescue Mission he could not hold his tongue. So between two services he affirmed his support for his colleague. Even though the latter is still receiving criticism following this virginity test which he inflicts on his daughter

As a reminder, TI sparked a real debate when he explained on the microphone of the Ladies Like Us podcast to do virginity tests for his daughter! The young woman is currently 18 years old, yet her father still inflicts this on her. “We make an annual visit to the gynecologist to check his hymen”. Suffice to say that after this statement several personalities have expressed their indignation on social networks.

So Kanye West, who recently had a renewed interest in religion, supported TI. “You can talk about something God approves of … They tried to roll TI, but he’s talking about something that God approves of.” . Then after these few words, he made a rather unwelcome comparison.

“In 30 states, they still use the death penalty. “You will not kill”, but we agree with that “. We can’t wait to see the reactions of internet users to these haphazard remarks! This year Kanye West did not refrain from speaking, all of the year 2019 he had sometimes limited remarks. Case to follow!


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