Kanye West is having an affair with Jeffree Star?


Not a day has gone by when rumors of the divorce between Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are triggered, and now gossip comes to light … such as a possible romance between the rapper and Jeffree Star

OMG! Not a day has passed since the rumors of the divorce between Kim Kardashian and Kanye West come to light, and there are already hundreds of theories, gossip and news that haunt the end of this marriage that lasted almost 7 years .

Of course, this divorce rumor has just begun and everything seems to indicate that the legal process will just begin, however, in social networks the rumor is already circulating strongly that the rapper has been cheating on Kim Kardashian … and everyone has stayed surprised with the evidence and those involved. And the question is … Kanye West has an affair … with Jeffree Star?

@realavalouiisei can’t say WHO cuz he’ll sue me hint hint but it’s part of the reason Kanye’s so religious now it’s his self hatred …. my source is legit I promiss♬ original sound – Ava Louise

That’s right – many people are weighing the evidence and theories that Kanye West is having an affair with Jeffree Star . And the fact is that the evidence that the sources have given are very suspicious.

Although it had long been stated that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West were trying to fix things as a couple and the outlook looked very positive, it seems the reality was different, and they really had many problems as a couple. Between Kanye West’s digital rants and their breakup over moving to their Wyoming ranch , things weren’t looking very nice.

Sources close to the couple claimed that it was not about infidelities or something like that, but communication problems, but users on Tiktok and other social networks have analyzed that there is a separate romance, and that it is that of Kanye West and the beauty guru and Youtuber Jeffree Star.

Tiktoker Ava Louise uploaded this Tiktok telling the rumor and of course everyone started to analyze the facts. “Now that Kim is finally doing this, I feel like I can reveal what I’ve been saving for months. This whole divorce is not a surprise. Kanye has been hanging out with a very famous beauty guru. Male beauty guru. Lots of people in the scene has known for a while. ”

@pattypopcultureReply to @rebeccaphillips97 These new rumors may have more to them than you think. They are unconfirmed rumors tho. Absolutely nothing is confirmed.

♬ dear katara – L.Dre

And while she does not reveal the name, other users have made some guesses, concluding that it is Jeffree Star.

On PattyPopCulture’s Tiktok , it is theorized that since they both live in Wyoming, they have been together … and that this could be the romance for which Kim Kardashian wishes to divorce Kanye West . Jeffree Star announced in AUGUST that he would be moving to Wyoming … a rare place for a YouTuber / Beauty Guru, right?

Outside of being in the same area, there is no further evidence … but the rumor is strong on the social network.

Remember that all these are theories, but really no one can stop the Internet Police … We will continue investigating!


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