Kanye West in his album 2021 compared life with ex-wife Kim Kardashian to prison


Kanye West knew how to use pain to create art. The artist went from humiliating his wife on social media to humiliating her through songs. After a series of hype in social networks, new songs from the musician were presented to fans. If the interview wasn’t enough, we can find out more about his divorce and life in this new album.

The singer was definitely greatly influenced by his divorce from socialite Kim Kardashian. Forcing him to distance himself not only from Kim, but also from their four children. In his album 2021, we saw rage, emotions and other interesting comparisons of him.

Kanye West talked about prison and Kim Kardashian in his latest album

Amid some controversial public statements, Ye returned with a music album in 2021. His last album was Donda, named after his late mother. From the list, one song in particular was rather a revelation into his life and mind. Welcome to my life together with his ex-wife Kim Kardashian explored his house in Calabasas. He compared leaving the house he shared with his ex-wife to being released from prison. The lyrics of the song are: “Tell the killers that I escaped from Calabasas.” The song was supposed to be a description of his tumultuous marriage, failed presidential campaign and Twitter collapse.

In fact, during the performance of this song, the artist had a dramatic breakdown. Ye was seen stopping before he started crying. A close source said: “He talks about the kids and mentions that she took everything.” West has been through a lot since breaking up with his children. But many claim that the celebrity fell into a clearly deep depression after his beloved mother died in 2007 due to a failed operation.

He is currently in divorce proceedings with the Kardashians as they fight over the division of property and custody of their children. Against the background of his recent controversies, fashion brands have severed relations with the singer. But now it has spread to his music. Apparently, the SoFi Stadium canceled his show in protest at his fiasco.

Will West be able to stay a musician and cope with all this drama? It needs to be seen. Let us know what you think of Ye as a musician.


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