Kanye West Ignores Kim Kardashian and Refuses To Kiss Her


Kanye West Ignores Kim Kardashian and Refuses To Kiss Her. The second tried neither went as expected

The Kiss Cam are a tradition in different sports and musical events, mainly the neighboring country has become an attractive this activity capable of viralizar different situations, a few corny and many pretty uncomfortable.


The latter was the case of Kim , who attended an NBA game together with Kanye without knowing that it would be captured by the cameras having a slightly embarrassing moment. The couple that is often seen in different events, red carpets and even awards, has shared that basketball is one of the interests they share and, therefore, one of which they try to enjoy together whenever possible.

Kim and Kanye were enjoying the All-Star Game 2020 game from the front row. The celebrity couple cannot go unnoticed in an event from type and even less with such privileged seats, so they were not saved from being caught by the camera which announces those celebrities present in the game.


After smiling at the spectators, Kim turned to her husband waiting for a kiss from him, however, when the camera moved towards Kanye we could see that there was no reaction from him , showing an expressionless face. When the shot opened and caught both, Kim tried again , this time looking for the rapper’s cheek instead of his lips. Without much apparent encouragement, Kanye moved slightly to get closer, but her discomfort could be seen from a distance.

The awkward moment ran through the networks and even Kim made fun of the situation by sharing it in her Instagram stories. Have you ever been Kim in this Kiss cam called life? : ‘v


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