Kanye West has faced a negative reaction to the Yeezy Gap Line, and the photo pretty much explains why


Kanye West has been making headlines quite often over the past few months. Most of the news surrounding him concerned his ongoing divorce proceedings with Kim Kardashian. Moreover, earlier this year Ye feuded on social media with Kardashian and Pete Davidson (her ex-boyfriend). Now West is getting a significant backlash, and it’s not because of his decision to roast Davidson and the Kardashians’ breakup. Some scold the rapper for the recent development of his Yeezy Gap line, and the photo pretty much explains why this is the case.

The Ye’s Yeezy Gap line has caused a lot of excitement since it appeared in the company’s stores. Although it may seem that potential buyers now disagree with how inventory is handled. Clothes are usually hung on hangers when they’re in stores, but the rapper’s signature clothes are now being sold out of what look like giant garbage bags. Check it out in the Twitter message below:

That’s how they sell Yeezy GAP. The seller said that Ye got angry when he saw that they were hanging on hangers, and wanted exactly that. They also won’t help you find your size, you just need to dig everything up

So obviously Kanye West wasn’t thrilled about hanging clothes, which is interesting to say the least. I know you may be thinking, “Maybe this is a style adopted only in one store.” Well, the Yeezy Gap post on Twitter contains footage from another place where clothes are in the same bags.

Of course, you fulfilled his wish, but it seems that it made life a little more difficult for customers. As mentioned in the original tweet, customers have to dive into the bags themselves to find what they are looking for. In other words, it’s almost like they’re doing a kind of dumpster dive. One can honestly understand the frustration in this case. I mean, sometimes looking for clothes on a hanger can even be tedious, and the idea of having to dig into a big bag for that doesn’t seem fun.

However, at least one store has implemented methods to help customers find what they are looking for. Another Twitter user shared a photo under the publication OG, which shows how the clothes are neatly folded in garbage bags. They also note that the store’s employees were ready to help.

However, it is unclear if Kanye West wants this.

The Grammy winner certainly isn’t idle when it comes to his fashion, for better or for worse. Ye even created images for Kim Kardashian’s ex-wife, and even last year he helped her create an image of Batman for the Met Gala. But after their breakup, Kardashian changed her style, and the fans were there. However, she had kind words for West when she accepted the fashion award last year.

However, I don’t think fans will be thanking Kanye West anytime soon. He definitely still has time to change course, but given how picky he is, it wouldn’t be surprising if these garbage bags just become the norm.


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