Kanye West has been temporarily banned from Twitter


Rapper Kanye West has been very busy this past week threatening to bring record labels Universal and Sony Music to justice for refusing to sell him the rights to his old records, proclaiming himself the new Moses and pissing on Grammy Awards.

Twitter has once again been the medium he has chosen to vent about the injustices that he considers he would be suffering, but it seems that the social network has gotten tired of his virtual tirades and his out of tune. According to former NBA star Rick Fox, who presents himself as a good friend of Kanye, the company has penalized him for reasons that he has not gone into detail. However, everything indicates that it would be a sanction for having shared the personal number of one of the editors of the famous Forbes magazine, which violates community regulations.

“My friend @kanyewest wants everyone to know that he has been expelled from @Twitter for twelve hours,” said Fox. This tweet was published seven hours after the musician lashed out in very harsh terms against record labels to affirm that the 90 percent of the contracts offered to artists are designed to “catch” them and get the most out of them.

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