Kanye West Faces Another Lawsuit As Former Employee Sues Yeezy for $275,000


Kanye West sued his former Yeezy employee for $275,000. In addition to music, the singer is known for his fashion style, the Donda Academy and the numerous businesses he manages. But working with companies and projects on a large scale is not an easy task. The entrepreneur is responsible for making a profit, managing files of claims, disputes and other problems. Having enjoyed continuous success in all areas of his business for many years, Ye is now faced with a problem.

As a result of a quarrel with Adidas, massive criticism and bans, the artist suffered huge losses. But while the wealth decreased, the bills continued. As a result, the singer now has problems with the law due to non-payment to employees.

Why did a Yeezy employee sue Kanye West for $275,000?

An employee of Yeezy is suing West for non-payment that his company Yeezy allegedly owes her. According to TMZ, court documents have been obtained revealing the facts of the claim. The report says that a former employee named Dora Silaji left Adidas to work with Yeezy at Ye’s request. She was awarded the title of director of product innovation, and she even had a contract in case of her sudden dismissal.

The contract stated that in case of dismissal after September 21, 2021, the company would pay her a severance package of $275,000. Just a few months later, in December 2021, she noticed that she had been fired from her job for no good reason. But the aforementioned amount was never compensated by the company, which Silagi suspected would happen. The applicant believes that with this assurance, the defendant lured her to his company Yeezy after he asked her to leave Adidas.

But this is not the only employee-related lawsuit faced by Ye. After a flurry of his comments and public indignation, employees came forward demanding compensation.

Ye’s former manager also filed a compensation claim against him.

Former Donda CEO Thomas St. John filed a lawsuit for a whopping $4.5 million after accusing Ye of non-payment of professional fees. The contents of their contract mentioned a two-year payment guarantee, which was not respected. He reportedly turned down other opportunities after the company agreed to pay a $300,000 monthly fee. When asked about the case, Ye stated that the applicant was mistaken in believing that he would ever be paid so much. As for the new claim of Silagi, then it will be seen how things stand.

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