Kanye West covered to promote his new opera!


Kanye West was in Miami this weekend to promote her new opera “Mary”. For the occasion, the rapper was dressed in silver.

Kanye West has, for some time, a new fad. He surpasses himself and composes an opera! For the promo of the second, the rapper then adopted a strange outfit!

The ego of Kanye West is growing … Ready to become president of the United States, fervent defender of Jesus Christ or singer of gospel … The rapper will have done everything, or almost! Indeed, we are not at the end of our surprises when it comes to the star. This time, Kim Kardashian’s husband embarks on the opera! Mozart, Wagner and Puccini just have to stand! The king of the 21st century is in the place!

In recent months the singer surprises his fans by chaining the Sunday Service. He takes advantage of his ascent to the faith to share his passion. So it’s in a Texas prison or at the church that Kanye West spreads the word of the Lord … Last November the rapper had even conquered his fans on the stage of the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles! For his first biblical opera, Nebuchadnezzar, North’s dad had set the fire!

In the heart of his period “God is great”, Kanye West had announced a new opera! This time, the latter is named after the mother of his idol, Mary! And for the promotion of his work, the rapper had to do things in big! It is therefore natural that Yeezus has painted all the money to go to mass! Indeed, the young man was seen in the company of his apostles in a somewhat strange outfit …

Dressed in a silver toga and a pair of slides over his socks, the King was a sensation! This dubious dress has been adopted to give a taste of his show. Desperate to prove his devotion to the Lord, Kanye West posted a simple text on his Twitter account: “The angel said to him,” Do not be afraid, Mary; for you have found favor with God … ”



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