Kanye West Could Lose Full Custody of His Children Because of Kim Kardashian If He Doesn’t


Kanye West could potentially lose full custody of service children. The hip-hop artist is currently in a difficult divorce process with socialite Kim Kardashian. Being one of the most famous couples in Hollywood, they are now fighting for finances and custody of children in court. While Kardashian filed for divorce in 2021, West didn’t really react.

Things went awry when a father of four revealed the name of his child’s school during a social media rampage about his children, dragging the owner of SKIMS into it. Despite all this, the 42-year-old mother showed willingness to share custody of her children. But this may not happen, because E continues to miss the court dates, leaving him the last chance.

Will his refusal to cooperate cost Kanye West custody of his children?

After West and Kardashian broke up, they were ready to share custody of their children: North, Psalm, Saint and Chicago. But, according to reports, West did not cooperate with the trial and missed the latest testimony. He was supposed to be present at the deposition to be questioned by Kardashian’s lawyer on November 16. Now he has his last chance on November 29, and if he decides to miss this chance, he may lose all chances of partial custody of his children.

Legal experts such as Lexi Rigden of Rigden Law LLC have commented on how a judge can force a rapper to pay attorney fees and, in the worst case, may prevent him from taking the case to court if West does not show up. Rachel Fiset, managing partner of Zweiback, Fiset Zalduendo LLP, also agreed that the Gold Digger singer’s refusal to cooperate could lead to him getting a smaller end of the stick, both in terms of storage and financially.

While Kim Kardashian is ready to share custody, West previously claimed that the children stay with her 80% of the time. Meanwhile, the rapper has already changed several lawyers. Let’s see if he and his lawyer show up on the next date.

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