Kanye West Confessed to Tremaine Amid Controversy over Vigil and White Lies Matter


Kanye West, one of the greatest names in the hip-hop community, has always been known for his outspoken views. The American rapper often appears in the headlines due to disagreements in his personal and professional life. As his behavior on social media becomes the subject of discussion, whether it’s his ex-wife Kim Kardashian or his friends.

Tremaine Emory, who was Yeezy’s creative consultant and brand director for two years, recently accused her of using the name of the late fashion designer Vigil Abloh. Responding to the reproachful comments of the founder of Denim Tears, West shared screenshots of an abbreviated conversation between them. Singer Donda also confessed to Emory in Vigil?

Kanye West spoke out about his best friend Vigil Abloh

Kanye West is back in the news after sharing screenshots of a private conversation with his former colleague Tremaine on Instagram. In the lyrics, the rapper openly stated that he envied Virgil’s success. “I made mistakes, I yelled at Virgil, I was jealous of Virgil, I felt betrayed and cheated by Virgil,” the rapper said.

Moreover, he explained how he was heartbroken after Vigil gave Drake a watch with a green diamond. Despite all the misunderstandings, he still loves his best friend and misses him when he died of cancer. In addition, the owner of Yeezy mentioned his family in the conversation, saying: “I miss my family.”

Moving forward, he recalled the day of Vigil’s private funeral, when he was not given the opportunity to tell about his friend. According to the alleged reports, West wanted to talk to the ASAP gang, including Rocky and Bari. “Don’t let these people split your gang like they split mine,” the messages read. That’s why Vigil’s death reminded him of their brotherhood, so he didn’t want others to run away like them.

Meanwhile, in an interview with the French edition of Clique, Kanye West confessed his dislike for Vigil. He was disappointed when Vigil was chosen as the artistic director of the Louis Vuitton men’s collection, because Kanye was offered this position before him, but later it was canceled. Unfortunately, the designer lost consciousness last November at the age of 41 in Chicago.

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