Kanye West compares Kim’s split to the death of the queen?


Kanye West fans (45) are shocked! He has repeatedly proved that the rapper had a bad breakup with his ex Kim Kardashian (41 years old). Again and again, he publicly shot at Pete Davidson (28), with whom the reality TV star had been in a relationship for several months. Kanye and Kim’s marriage has been broken up for more than a year. However, the rapper, it seems, has not yet broken up with his former lover.

Fans are convinced that he compared the separation from his ex-wife to the death of Queen Elizabeth II ( ✝ 96). The Gold Digger hitmaker shared the words in his Instagram story: “London, I know how you feel, I’ve lost my queen too.” Followers were quick to discuss how the two situations compare.

However, other fans believe that the post was referring to his mother Donda, not the SIMS founder. Kanye’s mother died in 2007 at the age of 58 and served as the inspiration for Kanye’s latest album, which he named after her.


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