Kanye West Can’t Shake Up Exes as Kim Kardashian Talks About Communication and Julia Fox Talks About Penis Size


The controversy surrounding Kanye West is now countless. This week there were reports that employees of Yeezy and Adidas were unhappy with his behavior after he, among other accusations, allegedly forced people to watch porn. Donda University lost its staff due to references to Nazis and other comments by E, which caused a negative reaction. Now, this holiday weekend, several exes have spoken out about him, as a new episode of The Kardashians aired, and Julia Fox continued to speak in the press. In the midst of all this, now I can’t discern the image of West’s supposed penis size.

Kim Kardashian said that she communicated with Kanye after the breakup

In a sensational post, the Kardashian star said that while she and her ex-husband had been publicly feuding for some time. If you don’t remember it, Ye was trolling Kim’s then boyfriend Pete Davidson for a while, and this feud reached great heights. However, Kim said that negativity and silence have always been on the part of her ex. In fact, she said that even in the worst moments, she held out her hand, showing:

Kanye knows I’m so protective of his stuff for kids. Even now, when he was in the midst of not talking to me and being mad at me, he won a few Grammys and I was still reaching out to him.

Kim told The Kardashians that Kanye tends to get rid of things when he’s upset. She also said she needed to find some of these things, and that’s how their daughter North West ended up with a purple jacket that belonged to her father. He allegedly just sold it, and it was Kim who tracked him down.

As for the Grammys, she said she was so worried he might do something drastic with it that she reached out and asked if she could add them to the family “vault.” (Yes, the Kardashian billionaire has her own underground vault, if you’re interested in these details.) Anyway, she described:

I’m like, “I know you just won a few Grammys, I have to add them to the vault.” And he says, “Okay.” Because the kids want them, you know? And I want them all together. So I have them all together.

While Kim Kardashian has said she is dedicated to solving their problems privately, another ex-girlfriend is less interested in keeping intimate details private. In fact, Julia Fox recently stated that she decided to date West to “help” Kim. Now she vividly talks about the size of her ex’s penis.

NSFW Julia Fox Description of Kanye’s Penis

Lately, Fox has been going around in circles— I mean, this week Fox sewed a dress made of leaves that barely covered her “ass” to attract attention. She also appeared on Ziwe Showtime, where she talked about dating Kanye West because “the universe wanted it.” Although Zive refrained from using the famous rapper’s name throughout the interview, she asked a bold question about the size of Ye’s penis. Instead of answering with words, Fox preferred to give a very vivid description.

Zive even signed this moment: “Hatred happens of all sizes.” A few weeks ago, God Charlaman said that Kanye once quarreled with him over the reported size of Pete Davidson’s penis. Now this argument about Pete Davidson’s supposed giftedness really takes on a new meaning.

Kanye doesn’t stay without new headlines for long, but now I’m interested to hear if there’s anything to say this week to any of his other famous exes. The floor is vacant, ladies.


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