Kanye West: Buyers of Bitcoin Are Really Visionary People


Famous singer Kanye West participated in Joe Rogan’s podcast and made some comments about Bitcoin there. Speaking of the people who bought and supported Bitcoin, Kanye West said that these people “really have a vision” on certain issues.

Grammy-winning singer Kanye West met with Joe Rogan yesterday and became the guest of one of the world’s most famous podcast programs, the Joe Rogan Experience. West, a presidential candidate in the US, talked about his experience in the music and clothing industries, as well as the presidential campaign during the broadcast.

Evaluating the current situation of the USA, West explained what steps he intends to take if he becomes president. One of the points West mentioned, making some comments about the future of America, was Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

“Visionary people”

The Kanye West and Joe Rogan duo discussed the changes that need to be made in the US during the broadcast and the vision that must be had to make these changes. Meanwhile, West recently announced that he and his friends were talking about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

Evaluating these as alternative currencies, West gave the message that Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are already beginning to affect our lives. West spoke about Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey at this point and said, “Dorsey has begun to decentralize Twitter because it hangs with Bitcoins.”

Commenting briefly on the people he addresses as “bitcoinists,” West stated that these people “really have a vision for the liberation of America and humanity.”

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