Kanye West: Akon wants to run against him in the presidential elections of 2024!


Kanye West said he would make a good present. He even plans to run for the next presidential election. An inspiration that seems to resonate with his colleague, the rapper Akon. He too has emerged as a serious candidate for Donald Trump’s succession. 

This is a news that makes a lot of turmoil in the USA. Kanye West, known for his changing decision-making announced that he wanted to run for the next presidential election. An application taken seriously. Especially that the principal concerned is convinced that he can get there. “I’m not going to try, I’m going to get there,” he said.

A new, very decided idea that comes out of Kanye West’s wacky mind. Known for his quick life changes, he converted to Christianity. So he broke the rap and started gospel. A new genre through which it seems to be reborn if we believe the public feedback on “Jesus is King”. In any case, his last idea was echoed by one of his colleagues.

Indeed, Akon seems to approve this decision of Kanye West. So much so that he plans to do the same. And when we mention a potential competition with his colleague, he praises it. “Kanye is not crazy. I just feel like he’s awakened from a spiritual state now. He is the marketing specialist. He understands his audience. But he is certainly not crazy. He knows what he is doing. My thing is that if he really gets involved in politics, it’s great for culture. ”

He even talks about help between the two rappers. “Well, I do not think it would be a competition, I really need him for this race at the White House. ”

So, a rapper at the White House? We never know…


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