“Kanye is Resting” — The Internet Is Going Crazy Playing “Where is Kanye West”


Kanye West seems to have disappeared, and the Internet world has its own guesses. The singer set fire to a whole year, which led to the burning of his career because of all the contradictions. Despite the decline in wealth, he continued his insulting statements. Now the singer, who is used to spending money as fast as he earns, may face financial ruin.


He claimed that he could not be stopped, and even called himself God. Meanwhile, both his personal and professional relationships were affected. While he has been enjoying his fame, singer Donda is facing his new reality, with financial difficulties as he hides from the people he owes. People on the internet are trying to make an educated guess, or rather a hilarious guess, about where he might be.

Where is Kanye West? The Internet makes an assumption

Kanye West has been the source of both memes and offensive statements. But his disappearance made people wonder where he could have been. According to Twitter, Ye’s former business partner cannot find him, as the partner wants to sue him for breach of contract. Ye agreed to pay him $300,000 a month to run his business in Dongda. While an employee is looking for a famous singer, the Internet is giving him a helping hand with useless but hilarious comments.

While some of them are genuinely concerned about his whereabouts, most spend the field day making wild guesses about where the singer might be. With one joke about how West could spy on Pete Davidson. The comedian quarreled with Ye when he started dating Kim Kardashian, right after the singer broke up with her.

Since Ye started calling himself God, another user stated that God doesn’t want to be found at the moment. But there are also photos of him recently attending church. After all, he is going through a financial crisis, and many around him are looking for payment. His former partner filed a lawsuit against him for $4.5 million. Meanwhile, the rapper also has to pay alimony and office rent, among other things.

Where do you think Kanye West is now? Comment on your thoughts.


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