Kano reveals electric pickup with 320 km autonomy


The American startup Canoo announced on Wednesday (10) that it will launch an electric pickup truck with an innovative design, which is expected to hit the market in 2023, with Tesla Cybertruck and Hummer EV as main competitors.

“It’s like no truck you’ve ever seen,” said Canoo CEO Tony Aquila in an interview with Reuters, referring to the design of the electric car concept, not yet named by the company. The vehicle has a rounded shape in the front and cab and a customizable bucket.

In addition to the distinctive design, which refers to the model previously launched by the electrified vehicle manufacturer, there are also some extra features present in the truck, such as a folding work table with electrical outlets and USB ports and the equally folding side tables.

There is also a kind of luggage rack in the front, to store different types of objects more safely, and other optional equipment such as a canopy with a tent, which transform the pickup truck into an alternative for use on trips and camping trips, for example. It will also have a commercial version.

Engine and battery

Regarding the mechanics, the model must have a 600 hp engine, four-wheel drive and battery that will allow the truck to run 320 km on a single load, on average. The startup is still studying some ways to increase the reach of the electric truck to 480 km in the final version.

There are also plans to launch a more basic version, carrying a smaller capacity battery with a range of 160 km. The cheapest model will have the same drive-by-wire electronic control system for steering, brake and accelerator as the most powerful variant.

Details on the price of the Canoo EV pickup have not been released, but the manufacturer wants to start receiving the first reservations for the model as early as the second quarter of this year.


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