Kandi’s affordable electric cars will hit the road in the USA


Electric cars will be an essential part of the future of the automotive industry. However, it is not easy to have full electric cars at affordable prices for now. Chinese electric car maker Kandi rolled up to change this situation.

The company is preparing to launch the electric car options, which it defines as “affordable”, in the USA by the end of 2020. The company will sell its K27 model for $ 20,499. With the $ 7,500 federal tax credit, the amount that potential customers should pay will be reduced to $ 12,999. This will make K27 the most affordable electric car in the USA.

Along with the K27, the model named K23 will also be on sale. For the slightly larger K23, a price of $ 29,999 will be determined, while the amount to be paid along with the tax credit will change to $ 22,499.

With its 17.7 kWh battery, the K27 will be able to travel about 160 kilometers and can reach a maximum speed of 101 kilometers per hour. The K23 will travel 303 kilometers on full charge. The maximum speed will increase to 113 kilometers. Features such as touch screen interface, Bluetooth and backup camera will also be available in this vehicle.

Kandi will sell its electric car options in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, USA.

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