Kalypso Media Co-founder Simon Hellwig Has Died


“Simon left behind an extremely successful business and a legacy that we, as a group, are trying to maintain.”

Kalypso Media has announced that the company’s owner and joint managing director, Simon Hellwig, has passed away, leaving another managing director, Dr. Anika Thun, to continue leading the company as managing director.

Since Hellwig founded Kalypso Media in 2006, the company best known for publishing strategy games, including the Tropico series, has grown significantly. Kalypso Media now has offices in Germany, England, France and North America; and owns five development studios, including Bulwark Studios, Claymore Game Studios and others.

In a statement released by Kalypso Media, the company mourned the loss of an “extremely respected leader and friend.”

“During his sixteen years at the helm, Simon has constantly inspired others with his dedication to his team, business and the industry as a whole,” the statement said. “His brilliant vision and endless enthusiasm knew no bounds, and his family and friends from Kalypso Media will miss him very much. As a family business, Anika and Simon were united as partners in every way, and this loss is immeasurable. Our thoughts are with everyone who was dear to him.”

Calypso added that Hellwig has been a fan of strategy games since the very beginning of the game, and his “love for one of the first strategy games with the ability to ‘play by mail’, Gladius et Pilum, not only united his interest in games and history, but also laid the foundation for a lifetime. passion for historical strategy games”.

The company also noted that Hellwig’s thesis entitled “Development of a business plan for the establishment of a company in the entertainment software industry” continued to “define the expectations and goals of Kalypso Media Group”.

“Simon has left behind an extremely successful business and a legacy that we, as a group, are trying to maintain,” Calypso said in a statement. “Simon’s vision was clear and we are committed to realizing it and continuing to grow the company in honor of his legacy.”


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