Kaley Cuoco will Switch to Another Streaming Service for Her Next Project


Kaley Cuoco was once best known for her work on “The Big Bang Theory,” but the actress has achieved huge success by moving to streaming television (including a long-awaited Emmy nomination). Now, after two popular shows on HBO Max, flight attendant and star Harley Quinn are switching to Peacock for their next project.

The popular actress comes to Peacock to play the main role in the thriller “Based on real events”, although the “thriller” character does not mean that she departs far from her comedic roots. Along with the thrills, there will also be a black comedy, as Kaley Cuoco plays a married woman named Ava Bartlett. The show will see the lives of three unlikely people collide, and themes will include murder and the popularity of the true crime genre.

At the time of writing, relatively few details have been revealed about the history of the new project, but one thing is certainly true to life — a lot of people are obsessed with real crime. (Actually, we have a list of the best real crime series that you can stream right now.) It’s unclear how Cuoco’s character will affect the plot, but the main action of the series focuses on a realtor, a plumber and a former tennis star. I’m not sure if I see the main character of “Flight Attendant” in the role of a plumber, but maybe a realtor or a former tennis star?

The show was created by another Emmy nominee, Craig Rosenberg, who will act as showrunner, executive producer and screenwriter. Rosenberg comes to “Based on Real Events” with extensive experience in such popular series as “Stay Alive”, “The Preacher” and “The Boys”, which recently completed its third season with some important questions that, hopefully, will be answered in the fourth season.

Jason Bateman, known for the films “Ozark”, “Outsider” and, of course, “Slow Development”, will work behind the camera as an executive producer. The actor is no stranger to behind-the-scenes work, as he shot several episodes of both “The Outsider” and “The Ozark”, although he decided not to shoot the last season of “The Ozark”. Michael Costigan, who also worked as an executive producer on The Outsider (this is just one of his many projects), participates in the project “Based on a True Story” as an EP.

As for Kaley Cuoco, the time she spent in “Flight Attendant” proves that a dark comedy thriller should be in her career after “The Big Bang Theory.” She has certainly been a success, as she has so far been nominated for an Emmy Award for both seasons of “Flight Attendant.” While this series is one of the best original HBO Max shows to stream, there’s no guarantee it will return for a third time based on what the actress said.

This will be Cuoco’s first streaming series on a platform other than HBO Max, which is home to both the flight attendant and Harley Quinn. She has starred in some films since the end of “The Big Bang Theory” while still working in television, as she recently celebrated her role as an actress for the first time on the set of the upcoming movie “Role-playing Game”.

It should be interesting to see which stars of the series “Peacock” (opens in a new tab) surround Cuoco in the movie “Based on real events.” Regardless of whether her character is at the center of events or not, the new project has certainly gained fame on television as one of the stars. There are no details about when to expect the premiere of the show yet, but you can get a subscription to Peacock Premium right now.


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