Kaley Cuoco Shares New Information About Her Journey During Pregnancy


Kaley Cuoco has been sweetly sharing tummy photos and more since she and her partner Tom Pelfrey announced they were having a baby last month. For the first time, Mom seemed mostly excited about what was going to happen, but pregnancy is not without sacrifice. In fact, she recently shared a post about one thing pregnant women refuse: horseback riding.

Cuoco is a well—known animal lover and avid rider who has participated in show jumping and other competitions in the past. Earlier, she told Jimmy Kimmel that she participates in competitions under a pseudonym, at least when she is not pregnant. Recommendations on the Internet vary as to when the expectant mother should completely stop cycling during pregnancy, but at least by the third trimester pregnant women usually completely abandon riding. Prior to this, recommendations are also given to avoid actions that can lead to abdominal injury, and it is not recommended to perform any heavy exercises with a horse at any stage of pregnancy.

Good news? Kaley Cuoco has other horse lovers. In a new post in her stories, Kaley Cuoco showed off her personal home riding course (which includes a special editing block made by her ex-husband Carl Cook. She thanked her friend Frank Van Helmond for getting her horses out and riding). so her horses stay in “top-notch shape” while she watches.

Kaley Cuoco and Tom Pelfrey have not announced exactly when the baby will be born, but back in October they shared with fans a cake revealing the gender, announcing that they will have a girl. They also shared moments, including drinking from mugs of Mama Bear and Papa Bear, among other joyful photos of expectant parents.

Cuoco has since shared how she hid her pregnancy on the Meet Cute red carpet earlier this year (so she’s been showing since at least September). And Pelfrey also shared the couple’s feelings about the pregnancy, using adjectives like “excited” and “blessed.”

We’re so excited. This is the most incredible thing. Very lucky… very lucky… very lucky… Everyone is healthy… It beautiful

Meanwhile, aside from her relationship with Tom Pelfrey, the flight attendant star has been working hard. She also recently shared footage from the filming of her new streaming series “Based on a True Story,” which will be available to those with a Peacock subscription some time after its completion. She’s busy, busy, busy before the baby is born, which can help with the pain of not being able to compete. It’s good that she has her own tribe of people around her who help her and help her keep her animal children in great shape, even if she’s watching from the sidelines right now.


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