Kaley Cuoco revealed she lied to boost her career


The new miniseries, The Flight Attendant, which opens next week, is based on Chris Bohjalian’s 2018 novel of the same name, which Kaley Cuoco reviewed just before publication.

In a recent interview, the actress admitted that she had to manipulate the truth at first so she wouldn’t be pushed back on dates. On the other hand, Kaley Cuoco explains why The Flight Attendant is the perfect follow-up to The Big Bang Theory.

Recapping the initial conversation, Kaley Cuoco told a white lie to her production company, in order to get them cast for the role.

“They asked me, ‘So did you read the book? Did you like it?’ I said, ‘Oh yeah, I read the whole book.’ And I hadn’t read the book, but I knew I’d like it. ”

The actress confesses that she did it to start the project because if she said otherwise, it would cost her a lot of time. Likewise, Seeing her role as Cassie Bowden, the favorite of The Big Bang Theory explained her wishes to take on a different role than the one fans had been seeing in the hit television series.


On the other hand, co-showrunner Steve Yockey also shared the positive aspects of Kaley Cuoco that led her to land the role of the new HBO series.

“When you sit down with her, she has that humor that you see in very few actresses in the middle. You know right away that Kaley is going to play the role brilliantly and with a unique stamp.”

The Flight Attendant premieres November 26 on HBO Max. Do not miss it is a series that tells the story of a hostess whose life is about to change forever.

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