Kaley Cuoco recalls how she organized an intervention for herself during a “super dark time” in her life amid Carl Cook’s divorce


Kaley Cuoco did not keep silent about the consequences of her divorce from Carl Cook, which she still considers one of the “hardest years” in her life.

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“I was very open about it, because I think for the first time I wanted people to know that things are not always what they seem. And it’s not always so perfect,” the 36—year-old actress told Variety on Thursday, August 11, about how she was influenced by the filming of the second season of “Stewardess”.

Cuoco recalled the moment she realized she needed help. “A month later, I interfered with my trailer— all my producers were there,” she said. “It was interesting to say it out loud. And for everyone to say, “Yes, we want to help!” I’m a working woman, so independent, and I’m really proud that I can do everything. Well, this time I literally couldn’t.”

For the graduate of The Big Bang Theory, her personal life caused a lot of problems that she was not ready to cope with.

“Going through the divorce, it was really a very dark time. I just didn’t know how to deal with it,” she explained. “I threw myself into work to deny my depression and how upset I was. Unfortunately, the character was so depressed that it didn’t help me! I really, really, really struggled. A lot of tears.”

The California native, who was previously married to Ryan Sweeting from 2013 to 2016 before marrying 31-year-old Cook, admitted that she struggled with how “excruciating” her character in the HBO series Max should be.

“It was the first time I started therapy — I was very open about it. I started at the beginning of the second season, just because I went through a lot right before we started shooting. It was terrible,” the Meet Cute star said. “And I got a stress rash that ran all over my body for three months in a row and did not disappear. My leg burned for literally three months. I could barely walk.”

According to Cuoco, moving in with her co-star Zosa Mamet helped ease her anxiety. “I really needed someone with me. I was really going crazy. And then so many of these scenes were so difficult to make because they were so hateful, so sad and so dark, and there was little levity in them,” she explained. “Like, it was the loneliest thing I’ve ever felt, and I’m not the kind of person who shares that.”

Kaley Cuoco’s Dating History: Johnny Galecki, Carl Cook and others

A rare insight into the Emmy Award winner’s personal life emerged after her divorce from Cook. The former couple started dating in 2016 after they formed a bond because of their love of animals.

“I finally found my horse boyfriend,” Cuoco said during an interview on The Talk in September 2016. — It should have been. He’s an amazing rider, an amazing rider and a great person. We shared a passion for horses and dogs. It was beautiful.”

The duo got engaged after a year of dating and tied the knot in June 2010. At that time, the graduate of “Charmed” said that she prefers to live separately from her then husband.

“We’ve been married for a year and a half, we’ve been together for almost four years, and this quarantine has forced us to actually live together,” Cuoco told Jimmy Kimmel in April 2020. “It was great for our relationship, and we are similar to each other, we realized that even better.”

Kaley Cuoco and Carl Cook: chronology of their relationship

In September 2021, Cuoco and Cook took to social media to announce their breakup.

“Despite the deep love and respect for each other, we realized that our current paths lead us in opposite directions,” they wrote in a joint statement at the time. “We have both shared so much about our journey publicly, so while we would prefer to keep this aspect of our personal lives private, we wanted to reveal our truth together. There is no anger or hostility, quite the opposite. We made this decision together thanks to the great respect and attention to each other and we ask you to do the same, understanding that we will not share any additional details.”

Us Weekly confirmed that Cuoco filed for divorce on the same day as the social media post.


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