Kalash Criminel is the guest of the song “Code” on Apple!


After the biggest heads of French rap, it’s Kalash Criminel’s turn to be the guest of Mehdi Maïzi’s Code on Apple Music!

Mehdi Maïzi offers a fascinating interview with Kalash Criminel in LE CODE on Apple Music this week.

On the occasion of the release of his new album ”Sélection Naturelle”, this Friday November 20, Kalash Criminel answers without filters the questions of Mehdi Maïzi on his relations with other rappers, some punchlines of his project as well as many others topics !

Indeed, Kalash Criminel has a crazy cast in store for us on this opus! “Actually, Niska and Nekfeu, they must have already been on ‘La Fosse aux Lions’, it’s just a matter of timing, they couldn’t be there. Suddenly, it was a logical continuation to invite them back to “Natural Selection”, “he said during this interview in LE CODE on Apple Music.

“And there was Damso too, who I liked a lot. And I really liked what he claimed about the Congo, all that. I thought, it would be nice to have Damso on the project. These three were really the guys I wanted. And after Bigflo & Oli and all, it was done in relation to the prods and the theme. We had to do a song for a long time. And now was the right time. And Jul, afterwards, it’s Jul! He’s the bro! ”Adds the rapper.

However, the improbable feat the artist would dream of is with… Céline Dion! “It would be amazing! In French rap, I don’t have any anymore, because I really did the guys I really wanted to do, “confirms Kalash Criminel.


Kalash Criminel also says he plans to stop making albums to change his path. He explains, “Already in my head I know how many projects I have left, how many years I have left and I’m in a rush to get into production.”

The latter does not intend to stop rap for as much: “I think, I would always rap. But making albums, I already know when I’m going to stop making albums. And I’m in a rush to get into production because that’s one thing, I like helping people too much. Giving advice, really doing the stuff. After a while you also have to know how to make room for others and after a while it’s more your period “.

Kalash Criminel takes this lesson from his favorite American rapper, T.I.: “Look, he’s releasing albums again. There, he scores lousy, it’s crazy flops. Because in real life, it is no longer his time. It’s the time of the Lil Baby, the DaBaby, after a while you have to know how to hang up, you know? “.

So feel free to watch the entire Kalash Criminel interview on Apple Music.


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