Kakashi: 8 Things You Didn’t Know About Naruto Character


Kakashi: Teacher of the classic Team 7, Hatake Kakashi did not take long to win countless fans around the world. And his evolution in the anime and manga of Naruto, along with several other characters, just confirmed what everyone already imagined: the shinobi is tough.

Possessing abilities like the Uchiha’s Sharingan and impressive peculiarities that constantly elevate him to a higher level, the son of the White Fang saves great moments and often appears on screen shaking — and amusing — the structures of Naruto’s narrative.

Find out below some facts and facts that you probably didn’t know about Kakashi, the mysterious shinobi from Folha.

8. Susanoo unlikely or convenient?

For many fans, Naruto didn’t escape the “curse of the shonen” and ended up falling into a common feature of the anime genre: narrative convenience in favor of the protagonists. This was reinforced during the unlikely emergence of Kakashi’s Susanoo in the Fourth Ninja War, where after the ninja momentarily received the second Sharingan from Obito, a giant—and perfect—chakra humanoid, used as an advanced Uchiha technique, emerges in full mastery of its creator. Was it Kakashi’s genius or script force?

7. An “Inner Sakura” also exists for Kakashi

During much of Naruto Classic, we observe sketches of an angry Sakura, displayed as something metaphorical when the character is very angry. Interestingly, in the game Naruto: Clash of Ninja (GameCube), Kakashi Sensei also gains that inner side by using the Sharingan’s copying ability against Sakura’s Cha Barrage move, giving fans a quick look at how angry his version would be if the scribbles were brought into the anime.

6. His blade was heirloom of the Hatake clan

Inherited by his father, Sakumo, while still in his youth, Kakashi’s Tanto blade—small katana—known as the White Light Chakra Saber, was originally destroyed during the Third Ninja War, but was later repaired. The powerful weapon, which gave off a white strand of chakra when wielded, gave the famous nickname that immortalized the Hatake clan in later years, as the family became a legend due to Sakumo’s renown and ninja superiority, the “Presa Branca da Folha”.

5. The Mangekyo Sharingan could be used from youth

Considered the only non-Uchiha capable of using the Mangekyo Sharingan — Indra Otsutsuki was an exception for having reincarnated in the Uchiha — Kakashi activated his improved eye jutsu long before the pursuit of Deidara. In the anime, the Sixth Hokage awakened the eye after accidentally killing Rin, his best friend and youth teammate. At that moment, when Obito arrived at the scene and witnessed the tragedy, both ninjas awakened the Mangekyo Sharingan at the same time.

4. Early Ninja? Kakashi becomes Chunin at age 6

Kakashi’s brilliance is not only noticeable after becoming a professor at the Konohagakure Academy, but rather from a life construct that has made him a unique figure. Right-hand man of the Hokage and trusted name of the top members of Folha, the member of the clan Hatake graduated from the Ninja School at the age of five and became Chunin at six, even without even possessing the skills of the Sharingan at that time. .

3. The Anbu mask reflects the summoning power

The Kitsune mask, worn by members of Anbu, has references to Japanese folklore and details different animal figures for each member — or echelon — of the investigative organization. While part of Anbu, Kakashi wore a distinctive mask that differed from the traditional cat or fox mask: a dog. This reference was related to the ninja’s ability to summon a group of dogs to assist him during missions, led by Ninken Pakkun.

2. Kakashi was created to have a catchphrase

As with Naruto’s sentences, which usually end with the shortened expression “ttebayo”, Kakashi was also created to have his own catchphrase. According to drafts by Kishimoto, the Sixth Hokage was to conclude his speeches with a formal “dejoru,” a term commonly used by strict and traditional people as a protocol of respect during conversations.

1. Kakashi, the “scarecrow in the field”

Kakashi’s lean appearance and messy hairstyle were apparently inspired by his name, as Hatake Kakashi literally translates to something like “field scarecrow”. It is possible to suggest that the idea of “camp” is based on the initial structure of Vila da Folha, which has feudal and bucolic airs, but this was never clarified by the creator Kishimoto or by any other reference.