Kai Senat Went Crazy After SZA Posted His Clip on Twitch on Instagram.


Popular Twitch streamer Kai Senat couldn’t contain his excitement after the R&B singer SZA posted an excerpt from her stream in her Instagram stories.

Kai Senat is one of the most popular streamers on Twitch. With more than 3 million subscribers on the platform, he is also the creator of the site with the largest number of subscribers in all languages, having successfully surpassed xQc in October 2022.

The Senate has had its share of celebrity interactions since it gained fame as an online artist, most notably it aired with rapper Blueface and his partner Crisean Rock during a dramatic broadcast back in November.

Now he has another musical performer who can add to his repertoire after SZA unexpectedly shouted hello to him, which took him by surprise.

For context, SZA released her new album titled “SOS” on December 9th and decided to attract the attention of her fans by posting their reaction to the music in their Instagram stories.

Kai Senat is a big fan of SZA, and at the time her album was released, he broadcast music to his audience on Twitch and even lit a candle in honor of her smooth melodies.

His chat instantly exploded, stating that SZA had actually posted a clip of his reaction to her Instagram stories—a claim he didn’t want to believe until he saw it for himself.

Kai Senat broke down after SZA posted it on Instagram
The Senate quickly moved on to her Instagram stories, where they saw a clip of him dancing to SZA’s music. The artist signed his video with a lot of crying emojis, clearly amused by his antics.

The Senate, for its part, could not contain its enthusiasm, shouting, jumping up and down and running around the room in excitement. “I made her laugh!” he shouted. “Hey, what the hell is going on? …none of her exes had ever made her laugh like that!

That’s not all — he also sent her a flirty DM on Instagram to take his picture. While it’s unclear if the Senate’s dreams of dating SZA will ever come true, it’s nice to see him recognized by one of his favorite artists anyway.


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