Kai Senat is probably the most popular streamer on Twitch


Having quickly overtaken Felix “xQc” Lendiel, Twitch streamer Kai Senat is gaining popularity in such a way that he can become the most subscribed to a live broadcast on the platform. Twitch statistics fluctuate regularly as the popularity of leading streamers falls, while the popularity of others grows, and some of them switch to YouTube, which makes it possible for streamers like Kai Senat to soar to the top.

During a recent broadcast on Twitch, Kai Senat celebrated 60,000 subscribers along with some of his friends and members of a YouTube content creation group called Any Means Possible, of which the Senate is a part. Senate streaming has not slowed down since it reached 60,000 people, as the popular Twitch streamer has almost 70,000 subscribers who attend its regular broadcasts. Despite the fact that over the years xQc has supported loyal fans, thanks to which it has remained at the top of the platform statistics, the Senate is close to becoming the number one content creator on the platform, and it is ahead of the former Overwatch professional in one key area.

Switching from games like Overwatch 2, Grand Theft Auto 5 and Minecraft to content reactions and Just Chatting with its huge audience, xQc has become one of the most recognizable names on Twitch. In many ways, Kai Chenat outperforms xQc: the former has up to 68,303, and the latter has more than 76,000, leaving a distance between them of less than 10,000. Due to how quickly Cenat has increased the number of Twitch subscribers from 60,000 to almost 70,000, it is quite possible that the overthrow of xQc on the platform will happen earlier rather than later.

Almost twice as many of Kai Senat’s subscribers are paid viewers compared to xQc, while the number of Amazon Prime subscribers is significantly higher than the current Twitch subscription champion. A whopping 26,290 Cenat subscribers received their membership as a gift, which potentially did not lead to a re-subscription, while less than 3,000 people were donated on the xQc channel. Tier 1 membership is the default choice for gift subscriptions, and as a result, most members of the Cai Senate fall into this category, which still applies to xQc, but the French-Canadian has 163 Tier 3 supporters, and the Senate has only 4.

Due to his impressive followers, many Twitch viewers expressed enthusiasm for Kai Senat’s steady ascent in the charts, while others shared some of their favorite moments from his stream. Like his other milestones, and unlike his ban on Twitch, many Senate fans are expecting a big party during the live broadcast, in which he will exceed 80,000 subscribers.


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