Kai Senat Defends “Forgetful” iShowSpeed Amid Critics’ Attempts to “Cancel” it


Twitch star Kai Senat came to the defense of fellow streamer iShowSpeed during an appearance on the FULL SEND podcast, saying that some critics tried to “cancel” the YouTuber.

Over the past few months, iShowSpeed has experienced an absolutely insane growth in its YouTube streams. The young streamer regularly attracts more than 100,000 viewers every time he goes on the air, and he even had to turn to the police for help when he was in the UK when he was surrounded by fans.

Despite its huge popularity, AIDS has also been criticized several times. Recently, he was accused of racism towards a Chinese fan during the World Cup, as well as of helping to promote a “scam” with cryptocurrency among his fans.

Speed apologized for both incidents, and also received the support of a number of streamers, as they regularly pointed to his age as a mitigating factor for some of his decisions. Kai Senat did it last, noting that Aids is just too “forgets” about things.

Kai Senate Defends iShowSpeed from Repeal Attempts

The Twitch star appeared on the FULL SEND NELK Boys podcast on December 9, discussing his rise in the streaming world, his plans for the future and his relationship with AIDS.

“He is so young and so smart because he is international. I feel like people have to watch it to really understand it. He gets a lot of criticism for the shit he says and does, but it’s so crazy because there were times when they tried to “cancel” him because of certain shit, but he didn’t pay attention,” Kai said of the YouTuber.

“He’s young, like, he doesn’t fucking know right from wrong, and at first I thought it was pretending, like he’s pretending to stream shit, but when I’m with him, he doesn’t fucking know what to do.”

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Kai noted that the couple “taught” each other things whenever they met, and reiterated that Aids wasn’t faking, which was another criticism of him.

The two streaming phenomena have not been combined for streaming for a long time, but it would not be surprising if it happens again soon.


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